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Title: Experience on using plastic geocells in the construction of roads under conditions of the Arctic of Russia
Written by: Leytland, I.V., Aliver, Y.A. and Bubnovsky, V.V.
Date Written: 9/18/2006

Abstract: Erosion - Erosion Control, Slopes: State Road Research Institute “Soyusdornii” in conjunction with Open Joint Stock Company, OJSC “494 UNR” carried out investigation of road sections in Yamalo-Nenetsk and Hanty-Mansiyisk autonomous regions of Russian Federation in order to obtain data on the behavior of plastic geocells in road structures under low temperatures typical for the Arctic. A total of 5 projects in the vicinity of 60° to 66° of latitude north of the equator was investigated. Field investigations revealed quite satisfactory performance of plastic geocells within the structures of slope protection and road pavement. In the process of investigation some geocell samples were taken from road structures having been in operation for up to 6 years. All taken samples were subsequently subjected to the laboratory tests as per strength and tensile deformation at the temperature of +20°C in order to obtain data on changing geocell properties during their operation under conditions of low temperatures of the Arctic. Laboratory tests showed that the action of natural factors typical for Yamalo-Nenetsk and Hanty-Mansiysk regions did not influence the geocell mechanical characteristics in the case of their operation for up to 6 years. At the same time similar tests of samples taken from the geocells that previously had not been in operation were performed, which made it possible to investigate a common character of changing strength properties and deformability of the material while decreasing the temperature from +20°C to –60°C. Tests showed that the geocells did not lose their strength properties up to the temperature of –60°C.

Publication: 8ICG 8th International Geosynthetics Conference Proceedings Published by: Millpress Science Publishers
ISBN Number: 90 5966 044 7
GSA Abstract ID: 2157

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